We have been rescuing retired racing greyhounds for about 10 years, now. We find them to be absolutely wonderful companions. Like all beings, they are each unique, but they share an athleticism that is truly amazing, and a capability to love that defies explanation.

Our little girl loves to run. Well, she IS a greyhound!

Of course, with two (or more), they love to race. Don't get too attached to the landscaping!

Playing is a specialty. They are enthusiastic and competitive.

That big mouth is pretty good at catching balls...!

...but it can also be a little intimidating when seen at the wrong angle for the first time.

But, at the end of the day, they are really just 45 miles-per-hour couch potatoes.

There are many local or regional greyhound rescue groups working with the various racetracks to find homes for the thousands of "surplus" dogs each year. This group is located in northern California, and have been wonderful to work with.