Solar Electric Panels have significantly cut my electricity bill!

Over the first five years, solar has supplied 62% of my needs, and reduced my bill by 85%!

My electricity rates have increased many times since the installation.

This system has now paid for itself in only 5 1/2 years!

Current Solar Status

Today's Power Production
Peak Power Today
Current AC Power
Current DC Power
Conversion Efficiency
Volts DC
DC Current
AC Voltage
Heat Sink Temperature
Power to Date
CO2 avoided
Vehicles removed for 1 year
Vehicles permanently removed1065
Click anywhere on the status table to download a Java file which will display historical data.

The System

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This should be a picture of my Solar Array.

Be sure to check out

The only maintenance required for solar electric panels is cleaning them.
I use "Chuck's Professional Window Cleaning"
You can contact him at 805-574-9535, or e-mail
In the chart below, you can see the output at the beginning of the day,
disturbance during cleaning, and a noticable shift after being cleaned.
That shift represents an approximately 6% increase in output.